Monday, March 7, 2011

Tracklisting for March 6th

The Hey Rosetta! special :) Here are the songs...

Lions for Scottie                     Plan Your Escape
Red Confederates' Red Confessions         Plan Your Escape
We Made a Pact                     Into Your Lungs
Red Heart                         Into Your Lungs
New Goodbye                     Into Your Lungs
There's an Arc                     Into Your Lungs
Psalm                             Into Your Lungs
Yes! Yes! Yes! (Live)                 Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP
Esprit d'escalier (Live)                 Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP
A Thousand Suns (Live)                 Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP
Young Glass                         Seeds
New Sum (Nous Sommes)                 Seeds
Welcome                         Seeds

Thanks for listening and much love.

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