Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tracklisting and Podcast for April 22nd

Today was the last show of the 2012 Winter semester. I may occasionally doing a show at random times in May/June, and if you want to know when, you should follow me on Twitter (@CndIndieMusiHr).

Since this was my last show of the semester, I figured I would record it for you all, to hold you over until next fall.

Here is the tracklisting for the show

Beta Frontiers ft. Becky Ninkovic ---- Hondo
Soho Ghetto ---- Honorable Mention
Take the Boys ---- Urban Plight
Hey Ocean! ft. Aidan Knight and the Friendly Fires ---- Sprawl II Mountains Beyond Mountains
The Modern Grass Quartet ---- Reuben’s Train
Cuff the Duke ---- Count On Me
The Wooden Sky ----- Child of the Valley
Barr Brothers ---- Beggar in the Morning
Willie Stratton ---- True North
Feist ---- The Bad in Each Other
Bahamas ---- Lost in the Light
And the song I wish was by a Canadian band:
Tired Pony ---- Get on the Road

And here is the podcast (click the red text below, and then press play on the Soundcloud page. To download: click on the link, and then when you get to the Soundcloud page, click on the down facing arrow next to the "add to set" button, above the play button).
Canadian Indie Music Hour April 22nd

Thanks for listening and much love.

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