Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tracklisting for April 11th

Here is are the tracks I played on April 11th. All artists are with either Dare to Care Records or Grosse Boite records.

Omnikrom feat. Numéro# - Bouger Bouger
Le husky- Mes Bottes de Sept Lieues
Canailles- Parle-moi
Yesterday's Ring- San Cristobal de Las Casas
Fanny Bloom- Annie
Tricot Machine- L'Ours
The Sainte Catherines- We Used to be in Love
Avec pas d'casque- Intuition #1
Pawa Up First feat. Belle- Big Freeze
Lake of Stew- Darlin' Starlin'
Armistice- City Lights Cry
Malajube- Synesthésie
We are Wolves- We Are All Winners

Thanks for listening! Only a couple of shows left before the CIMH goes on a hiatus, for an unknown period of time (could be years!).

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